Massage & Reiki

 Please note that our menu prices reflect STARTING PRICES for our multi-level services.
Restorative Signature Massage
A massage perfectly tailored to you!  Choose from either Swedish or Deep Tissue, or perhaps a little of both.
(Available in either 40 Minutes for $71+, 50 Minutes for $96+, 80 Minutes for $126+)

Petrified Wood Massage
Experience the healing powers of mother earth.  This full body massage is meant to enhance your well being and balance your energy using a blend of warm and cool pieces of petrified wood to heal & sooth your body.
(50 Minutes
for $106+)

Warm Honey Massage
An extraordinary rhythmic massage using organic honey infused with oil of rosemary to relieve muscle tension by unwinding the tissue and increasing microcirculation of the body.  This harmonizing treatment utilizes an immune boosting Propolis Beeswax Pad & a warm Honey Ginger Massage oil to create a unique relaxing feeling while revitalizing the body.
(50 Minutes
for $121+)

Lomi Lomi Massage
A traditional Hawaiian Massage with continuous rhythmic strokes that are guaranteed to soothe & relax.
(80 Minutes for $136+)

Nurturing Prenatal Massage
Blissful comfort for your changing body.  Our skilled Massage Practitioners will use special pillows to support your joints and growing body during this scent-free full body massage.
(50 Minutes for $96+)

Body Treatments  

Farm to Spa Body Glow
An experience changing with every season! This popular exfoliating full body treatment features a new scent from Farmhouse Fresh each season.
(45 Minutes for $72+)

Farm to Spa Body Wrap

A favorite this time of year. This seasonal body wrap exfoliates, detoxifies, oxygenates, and hydrates your skin, creating a healthy glow you can live in each and every season.
(75 Minutes for $99+)



Reiki 60 Minute Session - $100+

Reiki Treatment Plans - 4 sessions for $300+

Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing. The word refers to Rei, universal higher power and Ki, life force energy. This one hour, fully clothed session will aid relaxation, reduce stress, & promote healing. “Just for today, do not anger. Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.”, Japanese Reiki founder, Mikae Usui. Concentrating on the 7 energy centers of the body, Margo will use gentle touch or hands slightly off the body to balance & ease the flow of energy through & around the body.

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