Please note that our menu prices reflect starting pricing for our
multi-level service providers.

Restorative Signature Massage
A massage perfectly tailored to you!  Choose from either Swedish or Deep Tissue, or perhaps a little of both.  Includes complimentary aromatherapy.
(Available in either 45 Minutes for $58, 60 Minutes for $82, 90 Minutes for $107)

Petrified Wood Massage
Experience the healing powers of mother earth.  This full body massage is meant to enhance your well being and balance your energy using a blend of warm and cool pieces of petrified wood to heal & sooth your body.
(60 Minutes
for $92)

Warm Honey Massage
An extraordinary rhythmic massage using organic honey infused with oil of rosemary to relieve muscle tension by unwinding the tissue and increasing microcirculation of the body.  This harmonizing treatment utilizes an immune boosting Propolis Beeswax Pad & a warm Honey Ginger Massage oil to create a unique relaxing feeling while revitalizing the body.
(60 Minutes
for $107)

Ancient Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures.  It is a therapeutic intervention using suction to mobilize blood flow and promote healing. 
(30 Minutes for $58, or add on to Restorative Massage for $25)

Nurturing Prenatal Massage
Blissful comfort for your changing body.  Our skilled Massage Practitioners will use special pillows to support your joints and growing body during this scent free full body massage.
(60 Minutes for $82)

Four Handed Massage
Just you and two massage therapists working in mirrored movements to give you a truly unique and incredible massage experience!
(45 Minutes for $125)

Duet Massage
Great for anyone that enjoys the good things in life side by side with their friend or partner. Performed in our largest massage suite with two massage therapists, these full body massage are tailored to your individual needs whether it be Swedish or Deep Tissue or perhaps a little of both.  Includes complimentary Aromatherapy. 
(Available in either 60 Minutes for $185 or 90 Minutes for $235)

Body Treatments  

Wild Lavender & Lemongrass Glow
A gentle yet effective full body scrub using a local organic sugar scrub infused with Lemongrass and local Lavender to rid the body of dead skin cells followed by a hydrating body buff of organic shea butter to restore your skin to a healthy & hydrated glow.  
(45 Minutes for $53)

Apricot Fig Hydrating Wrap

Enjoy the benefit of lymphatic dry skin brushing to stimulate circulation on tired dull skin, followed by a unique layering of deeply hydrating oils and shea butter infused with Apricot and Figs intended to deliver vital nourishment to promote healthy skin deeply drenched in moisture for 24 hours.  
(75 Minutes for $87)


Moroccan Spice Mud Wrap
A truly amazing body treatment derived from the earth.  Experience the strong natural detoxifying properties of Mood Mud, an ancient product with uncanny abilities to heal, nourish and detoxify simultaneously.  During this unique and healing treatment you will receive a lymphatic dry skin brushing, followed by a full body mask of warm Moor Mud infused with a tantalizing combination sweet coconut oil, fruit oils and Moroccan spices.  A lathering sugar scrub infused with Indian Sandalwood & Black Current ends this incredible full body experience leaving you with a healthy boost to your metabolism.
(90 Minutes for $117)


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