Is your hair getting thinner and thinner?
Is it fragile, sparse or do you have bald spots?
You’re not alone.

Thousands of individuals already trust Hairdreams when it comes to dealing with hair loss.

Our systems help you gain natural hair volume so you can enjoy a carefree lifestyle again.

MicroLines supplements your own hair and covers bald spots with strong and healthy real hair permanently.
Gentle on your own hair and invisible – even with severe hair loss.
CareCredit Financing Available!

Hair Loss Solutions

What to expect...

Your natural hair will be analyzed during a detailed consultation. Together we’ll discuss your dream hairstyle and if MicroLines is the right solution for you. Once all these factors are determined your Hairdreams Salon Professional will provide a detailed price quote and schedule your application day and time.

Your custom MicroLines will be delivered to Seaside. The application process is easy and gentle and will not cause damage to your own hair.

As your hair grows, your Hairdreams professional will re-secure or remove and reattach your MicroLines at regularly scheduled appointments every 3 to 5 weeks. This ensures that your MicroLines always fits perfectly and looks great.

Schedule your Complimentary Consult to see if MicroLines is the right solution for you!

Please describe your hair loss below.

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